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Nov 24, 2013 6:00am PST
the head used to think. >> our first campaign was eat them like junk food. >> baby carrots! >> we went right at junk food said, we don't want to be against junk food,, we want to be like them. >> oh, baby. carats. >> jeffrey dunn knows all about junk food marketing his prior job an executive at coca-cola. >> coke has done amazing job of creating that moment of refreshment. >> just picking up a cold bodle of coke -- >> you can picture it when i say it. that the marketing. we have to do the same good job for fresh fruits and vegetables. there's no reason we can't. >> he knows it's an uphill battle and so does the white house. >> as you all know the deck is stacked against healthy foods like fruits and vegetables. >> to help level the playing field first lady recently announced that sesame workshop -- would license their public pet characters for free. >> how do you say broccoli in spanish. how do you say it? >> also year, advertising for fruits and vegetables amount to $116 million. that say mound like a lot but it's only one outwent of what was spent on advertising junk food to kids. >>
Nov 10, 2013 6:00am PST
: on this veterans day eve, david martin takes us to a musical performance by some wounded warriors. mo rocca finds his second childhood at a toy factory. we joy for breakfast at a park in beijing, paula pound stone offers her take on the affordable care act and more, but first, the headlines for this sunday morning, the 10th of november, 2013. as many as 10,000 are dead after one of the most powerful typhoons on record hit the philippines. typhoon had winds gusting up to 170 miles per hour, about the force of a tornado. along with a massive storm surge. the city of paglabann southeast of manila was left in ruins. survivors are having trouble finding food and clean water. the u.s. they i have is deploying shifts and aircraft to the philippines to help. the typhoon is now bearing down on china and vietnam but has begun to weaken. talks between iran and six world powers, including the united states broke off in geneva yesterday without agreement limiting tehran's nuclear program but negotiations will continue later this month. you may recall that late september run on new york between a new york moto
Nov 3, 2013 6:00am PST
attention as don dahler will show us. >> whatever makes you feel like a rock star! >> reporter: after months of relentless touring country megastar kenny chesney is taking a break. >> thank you. >> but not before meeting with some very important fans. >> you are going to have this moment this morning at the hospital. >> yeah. >> heartfelt, it was good for me. >> spread the love. >> kenny chesney, straight from the heart, later on sunday morning. >> osgood: historian doris kearns goodwin shares presidential anecdotes with mo rocca. steve hartman bears a grandmother's secrets for changing lives behind bars. the fast draw takes a measure of marathoners and more, but first the headlines for this sunday morning, the 3rd of november, 2013. twice in los angeles, flights are operating normally at los angeles airport after the shootings, it left a tsa agent dead and several others injured. we get the latest now from carter evans. >> when paul opened fire in terminal three, he was carried a handwritten note, fbi special agent david bowdag. e. >> we found a statement where he made a conscious decision
Nov 17, 2013 6:00am PST
, as susan spencer will show us. >> reporter: i when tragedy struck in 1963, one woman helped an entire nation heal. >> the reason for mrs. kennedy's iconography, sadly, is because of the way her husband's presidency ended. >> absent tragedy, would we remember her this way? the legend of jacqueline kennedy ahead. oz oz the official inquest into john kennedy's death named lee harvey oswald as the lone assassin. not good enough who believe a crime so immense can't have an explanation so small. we'll consider the case for conspiracy. >> reporter: will we ever know who killed president kennedy or have we always known but found the answer too hard to accept? you see conspiracy in a lot of places? >> i do because it's the nature of politics. it's the nature of power. governments lie. >> reporter: ahead, the conspiracy theory. >> osgood: much about john f. kennedy's life and death is still subject to debate. there's no disputing the symbolic power of his grave site. that's the story lee cowan has to tell. >> reporter: his resting place at arlington national cemetery is one of the most visited
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)